Foundation Solutions

Precast polymer concrete Foundation Solutions from Tunnel Mill will make the installation of OSP cabinets much quicker, more predictable, more economical, and allow a smaller installation footprint.

AFC 120:B365406-24_1

Foundation Solutions incorporate a below-ground storage space for slack cable and splice cases, and an above-ground equipment base with anchors and cable entry openings to suit the specific cabinet being set.  The below-ground storage space can be accessed through removable hatches in the above-ground casting.  Future cabling can easily be brought into the storage space, and then into the cabinet.  The foundation system can be configured to put the cabinet at grade, on a 12” tall riser, or on a 24” tall riser.  Riser configurations elevate the cabinet above the surrounding grade, offering easier access for service, as well as protection from snow, surface water, vegetation and grass fire.

Calix ODC20 on B547806-24_1

The use of polymer concrete produces robust castings, while keeping the component weight down, so that common jobsite equipment can be used to install the foundation system.  The installation process is very similar to that for a standard handhole, and takes roughly the same time. 

Infinitec 244:B365406-12002

Precast Foundation Solutions eliminate the need for an expensive layout template, forming materials and labor, concrete scheduling, pouring and finishing labor, weather protection, and form stripping.  Six or seven truck rolls can be cut to one.  An experienced two-man crew can install the system completely, with the site ready for the cabinet, in half a day.

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At the left, you will find a list of manufacturers of OSP cabinets.  Clicking on the manufacturers name will take you to a page listing of cabinet models by that manufacturer.  From there you will be able to navigate to the specific cabinet being deployed, and to the foundation system options offered.  For most models of cabinet, we offer several foundation system options.

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